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Tempted or Contented?

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Speaking the Language of Marketing

Irish Marketing Journal

January 2014

As his company approaches a quarter century of successfully placing marketing professionals, The People Group managing director Colm Buckley acknowledges that recruiters as well as candidates need to continually update their skills, writes Paul Golden.

'Trust, integrity and a specialist focus on marketing and sales are all vital to maintaining our brand and reputation. We have a genuine interest in people finding the right roles and companies in which to develop thair careers...Read on

The Recruitment Revolution

The Sunday Business Post

January 19th, 2014

The recruitment sector is changing, but it's important to keep sight of the fundamentals, writes Gareth Naughton.

The advent of Linkedin and other social media tools has revolutionised the recruitment process, with the result that some companies are taking it in-house. Are they shooting themselves in the foot, however, by foregoing the expertise of an experienced recruitment agency or consultant who may be better positioned to secure them the best candidate available?...read on


Marketing sector making move

The Sunday Business Post

Sunday, July 14th

Marketeers are reporting steady growth, especially in the digital area, writes Gareth Naughton

Recruiters are reporting that hiring in the sales and marketing sector has stabilised in the first half of the year bringing slow but steady growth. Good salespeople survived the downturn because their impact on the bottom line is near immediate, but marketing is now recovering - giving a strong indication that companies are growing in confidence and thinking long-term again.

The growth is not isolated to one particular industry, according to Colm Buckley, managing director of The People Group,...Read on


Jobs set to grow in digital revolution

The emergence of digital marketing is creating new roles that did not exist five years ago, but employers should take care to hire marketers with the right mix of digital and traditional skills, writes Gareth Naughton...read on


The Sales Institute - How to Recruit Winners

The Sales Institute is delighted to confirm details of a breakfast seminar on December 12th focusing on 'How to Recruit Winners', sponsored by 'The People Group', featuring speakers from LinkedIn and Goldenpages.ie, this seminar will provide valuable insight into the best practice hiring and development used by two highly successful and dynamic organisations...read on



BDO Professional Services Sector 2012

BDO Professional services report 2012 on the recruitment sector in Ireland

In conversation with Colm Buckley, Managing Director of 'The People Group'.

We all know people are key to success in professional services. The recruitment sector has had a rollercoaster few years. How have things changed for them and the candidates they see every day?...Read on

Cautious Optimism Lifts The Jobs Market

Colm Buckley managing director of 'The People Group' gives his opinion on the marketing and sales jobs and careers sector for recruitment agencies in Ireland

Business Plus Magazine

October 2012

Despite high unemployment, specialist recruitment agencies and head-hunters report buoyancy on the jobs front compared with last year writes Robert O'Brien

Colm Buckley, Managing Director of 'The People Group' gives his  opinion on the state of the market

The People Group has been trading steadily throughout 2012. There has been a pickup in the volume of sales and marketing roles we've been dealing with throughout the summer, which is a marked difference over the past few difficult years. Business sentiment seems to be somewhat more positive and there are indications of cautious optimism across a range of industries. We have seen a bigger increase in hiring for interim positions that have translated to permanent roles a number of months later.

While we have continued to successfully fulfil assignments in the FMCG and drinks sector, we have also had good success in the technology, services and business-to-business spaces. Digital marketing skills are increasingly in demand and Ireland is behind the UK and the US in this respect.

Most employers we are dealing with are not only only seeking levels of technical skill and experience but also the right attitude and fit for their companies and cultures. For a mid to senior level hire, it is vital that the right type of individual is introduced to the recruiting process.

While we have embraced many of the new social media channels, we continue to maintain our reputation for producing the right results by focusing on the tried-and-tested methods of recruitment. We continue to meet with candidates, where possible, and fully explore their experience, attitude and fit for roles and work cultures we are dealing with on behalf of our client.

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Careers and Recruitment: Let's talk the talk...

The Sunday Business Post editorial on language deficiencies in Ireland. Colm Buckley of 'The People Group' offers his opinion on the lack of candidates who are fluent in secondary languages , such as french, spanish, german, chinese and italian.


Ireland's workforce lags behind the rest of Europe when it come to speaking foreign languages, which is something that will have to be remedied if we are to make real economic headway, writes Gareth Naughton of 'The Sunday Business Post'.

Ireland exporters are looking overseas to fill thousands of vacancies because the workforce has neither the languages nor the international sales skills they need...Read on


INTERNATIONAL Ireland: Government Action Plan to create 100,000 jobs


The Irish Taoiseach (prime minister), Tánaiste (deputy PM) and minister for jobs, enterprise and innovation have launched the first annual Action Plan for Jobs, which aims to create 100,000 jobs by 2016...read on




The Only Way is Up when You Upskill


By Denise Hall

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Denise Hall gathers timely careers advice from recruitment and third level education expertsON MATURE REFLECTION: older students want to upskill or change career. Read Article



The Health of the Sales and Marketing Sector in the UK and Ireland

The sector is continuing to remain competitive as employers either keep hold of staff or look out for low-cost recruitment solutions. Like so many areas of business in the current climate, sales & marketing teams increasingly find themselves having to do more with less...Read on



Recruitment Agencies broadly satisfied with trading over the past year

Employment agencies that help companies recruit people tell Graeme McQueen of 'Business Plus Magazine' that they are broadly satisfied with trading over the past year.

Colm Buckley, Managing Director of  The People Group
... read on


The Ups and Downs of moving job

Colm Buckley, managing director of 'The People Group with advice for people on moving job or searching for marketing, sales, management and finance jobs in dublinThe Sunday Business Post


While the jobs market remains relatively static, there are worthwhile reasons for changing jobs, but make sure it's the right move for you, writes Gareth Naughton.

There are no jobs out there, so you'd better hang on to yours for dear life. So goes the mantra of an economy where unemployment is hovering above the 14 per cent mark with no sign of abating.

While the boom years were marked by rampant job-hoping, the recession has seen the issue of job security top of the agenda.

The upshot for recruiters has been candidate inertia...read more


What students really need to learn - 10 things that employers are looking for

As a new generation picks up places in colleges, one thing that the Leaving Cert fails to do is prepare young people for the jobs market.

'The Herald'

Monday August 22 2011

SO the CAO offers are in. Tens of thousands of young people are heading to college and many others are preparing for the world of work...read more


Is LinkedIn the answer for recruitment?


Is LinkedIn the answer for recruitment?

Business Plus Magazine

June 2011


Colm Buckley, managing director of The People Group, says that LinkedIn is useful where the firm has not been in communication with a candidate for a number of years and is looking to update its records.

Buckley adds: "We have developed our own database over the past 22 years and this is at the heart of what we do well. We have used LinkedIn to research candidates on the global stage outside of Ireland and this has proved useful for searches within financial services, where talent is being sought from other countries at present."

Buckley says: "Our recruitment model requires that we meet and conduct a thorough interview with each candidate so LinkedIn has its limitations. Attitude and fit are key ingredients in the recruitment process of any blue-chip organisation these days and while social media channels are useful, they are not a modern panacea to the recruitment process.

Our experience is that many candidates embellish their experience and business prowess on social networks in a bid to attract prospective employers. Eight out of ten candidates we meet portray themselves on LinkedIn far beyond where we would rate them."

Taken from an article in 'Business Plus' magazine

the people group, finance, digital, marketing, sales, management and administration jobs


Recruitment company stands firm in recession

19 December 2010 By Martha Kearns

A recruitment company operating in a recession might expect to have seen a dip in business, but this is not the case for The People Group.

Founded 21 years ago, the company has seen a drop in the number of clients doing business with it this year, but has increased the number of roles it is dealing with.

Managing director Colm Buckley said that there had been a increase in demand for senior sales and marketing jobs, despite the recession.

‘‘While we have seen a 25 per cent reduction in the number of clients doing business with us this year, we have recorded a 40 per cent increase in the number of roles we are dealing with compared to 2009," said Buckley. ‘‘We are doing more with fewer clients and dealing with more senior roles this year than last."

The group, located in Clanwilliam Square, Dublin 2, is seeing that companies which over-reacted during late 2008 and 2009 and let a lot of talented and experienced staff go are now quietly trying to boost their ranks with an expectation of growth.

‘‘Businesses that have survived and that are looking to growth in 2011 are taking a hard look at costs, but are also prioritising getting close to their customers again," said Buckley. ‘‘There is a new realisation that quality of service and professionalism are key ingredients to successful business in the next year."

He added that more attention was being given to succession planning when it came to hiring for middle to senior level roles.

‘‘We have dealt with a number of large companies in Ireland who are finding it difficult to hire the right type of candidate who can fit with their culture and develop up through the ranks," said Buckley.

‘‘Academic qualifications and experience are taken for granted, and are not enough for these companies.

They are looking for candidates with passion, energy, versatility, emotional intelligence and strong commercial acumen."

The company has also noticed that, while employees are reluctant to change job due to the uncertain economic climate, salary is bottom of the list of priorities for those choosing to take up a new position.

Strong leadership, a good culture and decent career prospects are more important than rates of pay.

‘‘Candidates that have moved this year have done so because of redundancy or uncertainty in their current role, rather than ambition," said Buckley.

He added that The People Group was optimistic for 2011, and was forecasting growth for its business ahead.

‘‘We have survived two recessions in our 21 years because we have a strong and experienced team that focuses on matching the requirements of our client companies with the experience and aspirations of candidates, thereby leading to long-term sustainable business relationships for all."

Taken from an article that appeared in the Sunday Business Post on the 19th of December

marketing jobs recruitment sales finance management agencies dublin ireland


Sales and marketing staff in demand

By Business Reporter
Monday, December 20, 2010

RECRUITMENT specialist The People Group has said that demand for senior sales and marketing employees is on the increase, despite the negative economic climate.

The Dublin-based recruitment firm, which deals mainly with companies in the consumer goods, financial services, IT and business-to-business sectors, said it is now seeing companies which "over-reacted" during late 2008 and 2009 by letting a lot of talented and experienced staff go, quietly trying to boost their ranks with an expectation of growth.

"While we have seen a 25% reduction in the number of clients doing business with us this year, we have recorded a 40% increase in the number of roles we are dealing with compared to 2009," according to The People Group managing director, Colm Buckley. "We are doing more with fewer clients and dealing with more senior roles this year than last."

In an end-of-year analysis, Mr Buckley said companies who outsourced important functions such as sales at the start of the downturn are now finding to their cost that they also outsourced their customer relationships and hard-fought reputation.

"Businesses that have survived and that are looking to grow in 2011 are taking a hard look at costs, but are also prioritising getting close to their customers again.

"There is a new realisation that quality of service and professionalism are key ingredients to successful business in the next year."

He added that the larger brands, both indigenous and global, are being strategic and are seeking talent with a medium-to-long-term view.

"More attention is being given to succession planning, when it comes to hiring for middle to senior level roles.

"We have dealt with a number of large companies in Ireland who are finding it difficult to hire the right type of candidate who can fit with their culture and develop up through the ranks.

"Academic qualifications and experience are taken for granted and are not enough for these companies."

This story appeared in the printed version of the Irish Examiner Monday, December 20, 2010

"Business Plus Interview with The People Group about Marketing, Sales, Finance and Management in Ireland"

Expert Views

Leading recruiters share their insight on the segments of the jobs market showing most activity and on the factors which influence people to switch jobs.

Colm Buckley

The People Group

We have seen a steady increase in client companies seeking sales and marketing talent during 2010. Global players are definitely resourcing up but there are also positive indications of hiring intentions coming from many indigenous companies too. The FMCG and drinks industry has been quite buoyant for us this year and we have also been concentrating on the ICT and general business-to business sectors.

There is inertia among many good candidates to move to new opportunities for fear of being last in and first out. The employment climate very much parallels consumer confidence and many people have put their career aspirations on hold until there is a definite sign of economic recovery. The good news is that candidates having to deal with redundancy may also find there is not as much competition for the job as they might have thought.

The key priority for candidates is working for market-leading brands with a strong leadership team, well-capitalised companies with a vision that have firm growth plans for the future.Culture and fit are back with a bang from candidate and client perspectives. Financial reward is well down the priority list for candidates but good companies are increasing bonus potential in many instances.

What are your key tips for unemployed candidates looking to secure a job interview and then make a positive impression at the interview?

Colm Buckley(The People Group):

Companies are seeking not only the right levels of skills and experience but also the right attitude and fit from prospective employees. Positive people who can reinvigorate the work environment are key to the right hiring decision. Candidates need to instil confidence and strong self-belief throughout the interview process.

The CV is your business card and its main purpose is to get you to the interview table. So create a CV relevant to the role you are applying for, which shows your skills and experiences in the most positive light. Be prepared for a competency style interview and know your skills.Be interested, be curious, actively listen, be energised, create an impression! Be prepared to discuss your past experiences, be insufferably positive and show that you've researched the client company thoroughly. Demonstrate what you can do to enhance their business.

Aside from CV and interview preparation, unemployed candidates need to turn the process of looking for a job into a job. Use your own network to let people know that you are in the market. Utilise social networks thoroughly. Meet with two to three reputable consultancies and demonstrate that you are a top calibre candidate who will perform well at interview if given the opportunity.

(Taken from an article in the October edition of 'Business Plus Magazine' surveying leading recruiters within the industry.)

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